Kinesthtic Quotient

Kids Play Area

This has been created to offer children the much needed provision for outdoor play experience.


This is a sport that helps prepare kids and teens for careers in business and other professional arenas. A child learns some of the most important life lessons, such as patience, empathy, humility and networking while playing this amazing game. The Westwood School is proud to introduce golf for its students.

Track & Field

Athletics will be promoted at school for children of all classes. Our students are encouraged to take up athletics as a part of their regular sports curriculum. Our school envisions participating in various track & field events in the city and at national level.


The spacious cricket field acts as a great motivation factor for cricket amongst our students. This along with good coaches for training the students will be a great boost for the young budding talents to improve their cricketing techniques. We have a special cricket pitches with nets and a bowling machine to help students who wish to specialize in the game.


The football court is as per international standards and regular promotion of this game among our students will help the school to conduct various Inter School Championships in the future. This game helps our students to improve their speed agility, strength, eye hand coordination and overall health.

Soft ball/ Base ball

Both these sports are introduced to our students and they are encouraged to play both at school as well as higher levels. This we hope will train them in team work as well as hone their skills such as eye hand coordination, precision and time management.


This is a modern and attractive high-speed game which is fascinating the young today. This sport promotes fun, passion and health. At Westwood we have created our team, which has played both at local and district levels.


This sport is introduced at the 3rd grade. Archery is good for those who aren’t so athletic. It doesn’t matter how fast you can run or jump. What matters more is a student’s ability to listen and follow instructions. Archery builds focus, discipline and self-confidence; things that benefit all students.

Traditional Games

Interesting games such as marbles, top, seven tiles, gillidandaetc are introduced to our students so that they can enjoy these age old traditional games and benefit from them.

Table Tennis

This game helps students to be more alert and like most other sports it boosts the self-esteem of the student if they are good at it. When outside weather does not support then our students are encouraged to take up indoor sports.

Martial Arts

Our students are given an exposure to Taekwondo and Karate so that they understand the value of these physical art forms and those interested can later specialize in them.


Chess is an effective and affordable educational intervention, promoting key academic and social skills that children will use throughout their lives. The game helps them to think logically and solve problems, it develops sportsmanship and resilience and it teaches children to plan ahead and take responsibility for their actions.

Carrom /Novuss

Playing carrom can lengthen attention span and encourage focus. Our students are taught the basics of this game and then they are encouraged to participate in competitions. Novuss is similar to carrom in that it is played on a similar board but using sticks.


Table football or Foosballhelps students with eye hand coordination while providing the much desired fun element. We have a Foosball corner in the sports room which some of our students love to frequent during sports periods.


Yoga can produce a calming effect, which helps children get into a frame of mind conducive to learning. Students develop a sense of well-being and increased mental concentration with regular practice of meditation and asanas. This helps to achieve harmony between the mind and the body.