Professional Training for preparing students for London College of Music & Trinity College of Music

The Westwood School will prepare students interested in the same for London College of Music which brings with professional facilities and expertise for students. Students are able to explore all aspects of stagecraft, on stage and off.

The school will have a spacious and well-equipped Music Room to train students in Indian Classical as well as Western music. The music performance programme with event opportunities that include mini-concerts, recitals, talent shows and charity fundraisers, as well as Instrumental Shows will be a regular feature of the school.

Children should learn different melody, poems, and songs through actions and learn to explore folk instruments and gradually learn to play instruments like sitar, tabla or key boards. Little kids should learn to notice sounds existing in nature and surroundings and connect with them. For the older children music will create a breathing space and help them to maintain emotional balance and aesthetic development. Students will also get an exposure to adopting music as their career. Regional songs would be collected  by the faculty and children would be exposed to folk songs from different parts of the country. School choir would take initiative for creating the cultural ethos of the institution.