I am inspired by the possibilities that exist for our school this year and in the years to come. Whether you are new to Westwood School or have been a part of our community for some time, please accept my invitation to participate with us, as we prepare our students for the future.

The school's management, excellent faculty, dedicated support staff and our esteemed parents should align together to support us in achieving the school’s vision. Our mission is simple yet holds the key to build the future of the country - Westwood will work towards Physical, Intellectual, Social, Emotional and Moral growth of all children.

At Westwood we ensure that the academic requirements of all students are fulfilled and that they would not need any external assistance or tutoring. To add to this, instead of regular classrooms the school has designed subject rooms that help students to access pertinent resources at one place fostering a sense of inquisitiveness, persuasiveness, and innovation, thus ensuring your child remains lively, open to learning and gains immensely from the overall learning environment.

It is my pleasure to welcome you to The Westwood School community where we are profoundly dedicated and ensure that each and every student receives consistent attention and academic support from our team of educators.

Best regards,