The Westwood School lays emphasis on creativity and expression. Students start performing at a young age. Middle and High school students have the opportunity to participate and perform in multiple activities.

Music - At Westwood students will be trained in both vocal and instrumental music , examination for which will be conducted through The London College of Music.

Visual Arts - Exciting visual art programme with art being part of the curriculum throughout the academic year and taught by specialized teachers. 

Drama - It will be offered as part of the co- curricular  activities for all students from Grade 1 upwards to enhance language skills, leadership skills and self confidence.

Dance - To help our children remain physically fit and express themselves outside the conventional ways of expression.

Kids Play Area - To provide children the much needed space and outdoor play experience.

Organic Farming - Reconnecting children to food's origin which helps them to build their conceptual understanding of food sources while also encouraging them to take up healthy eating habits and learn the environmental implications of growing local and organic foods.

Yoga - Yoga can produce a calming effect, which helps children get into a frame of mind conducive to learning. Students develop a sense of well-being and increased mental concentration with regular practice of meditation and yogic asanas. This helps to achieve harmony between the mind and the body.