With great humility and gratitude we present to you - The Westwood School, Rajkot, an English Medium Co-educational institution.

Our years of hard work and dream have culminated into this flagship educational enterprise in Rajkot and we have opened its gates to take children into its portals so that it could become an Alma Mater that would be their proud identity for years to come.

It is our constant effort to provide our students with the best teachers, world-class curriculum, and setting up an environment that induces a holistic growth in them, inspiring every child to become a leader of tomorrow.

We have also formulated a year-round improvement programme for teachers and their pedagogy to ensure our children receive the best and latest in education.

Come, visit our school, walk around the campus and interact with our staff to ease your doubts. We are sure that you will approve of the good hands that your children will be in, here at Westwood School.

I beseech you to please give us your children and we shall keep our promise and give back good human beings who have had fun, are confident, have high self esteem and a sense of purpose in life.

With warm regards,