“I have learnt to paint like an artist, and also to think like an artist.”

The well-equipped, spacious Art and Craft Room provides ample opportunities for students to learn various skills in drawing, sketching, painting, origami, embroidery and other handicrafts. The Westwood School has an exciting visual art programme with art being part of the curriculum and taught by specialized teachers .

Art will remain a part of the compulsory curriculum until Grade 8 (Year 9) after which the student is presented with a choice: students may choose to continue their art studies through to the secondary level.
We know that arts matter. We also know students learn through and from them. The arts are often the most emotive way of communicating profound ideas. In our community a multitude of displays, exhibitions and performances provide all of our students with a ‘voice’ to explore and broadcast experiences and perspectives.
Whatever the medium, student creativity  will always be in the spotlight  which is what makes us different and, more importantly, what brings us together.