The Westwood School is proud to announce its association with Apple technologies for imparting its educational programme, as a part of its regular school curriculum. Apple  technologies have refreshed the classrooms digitally. The use of Apple TV and i Pads in Indian K-12 Classrooms may be an emerging trend, but it is fast catching up with academicians, education leaders and students.

The benefits of using of Apple technologies are:

  1. Westwood would be first school in District to introduce Apple Education Programme in school.
  2. Students will develop 21st century skills by using iPads, Apps, iTunes, garage band, iMovie Maps and iBooks provided by Apple, the global leader in technology.
  3. India’s leading technology company NIIT will provide School Management Software (ERP), Math lab, English Language Lab, and Computer Lab
  4. Active learning which makes students and teachers interact, collaborate and participate will be made possible
  5. The Apple Technologies ensures redefinition of lesson plans. The teaching methods are greatly altered by use of the technology. It allows for creation of new activities / tasks, which were previously not possible.
  6. Through the use of several apps, teachers can provide notes, display steps and processes to problems, initiate the display of media (pausing and resuming as needed from any location in the classroom), and allow students to participate from their own seats in a variety of interactive activities.
  7. The Apps & other features available for education are exciting and can transform the way classrooms are conducted, if used creatively.