Principal’s Message


She has served in the field of education for the past 20 years. With Graduation in English Literature and Post Graduation in Education from the University of Mumbai, she has worked at various institutions such as St. Joseph’s Convent Panchgani, St Joseph’s Convent, Bandra, Mumbai, Anand Niketan, Satellite, Gujarat. She has also headed institutions such as St Joseph’s Convent Bandra, Anand Niketan Mehsana, and is currently serving The Westwood School as Principal.


Education in India needs to foster Competence, Creativity and Reflection, so that students can be transformed into Agents of Social Change. This has a double pronged effect. It makes the students better people and through them, it will make our world a better place.

Hence at Westwood, we focus on Right Attitude, Knowledge and Values so that our students turn out to be responsible and conscientious adults. To achieve this objective we have the following salient features:

  • We have a young, dynamic, Management Team who are highly future oriented and with a great vision for the School’s progress and are willing to take all measures to achieve their targets.
  • We have a good and dedicated Teaching Faculty who are ready to multi task and offer their best to the students. They are open to experimenting with the latest in teaching-learning and varied pedagogical practices.
  • We have a great vision of creating an institution catering to the rapidly evolving learners’ needs; hence plenty of innovative ideas are applied to the school, such as creating an educational museum, using apple technology in class, providing a state of the art music lab and an invigorating and stimulating library, applying the subject room concept and so on.
  • All students have to participate in the major programmes of the school. No student is left behind for lack of skill or interest. All major programmes are multi skill oriented hence providing a platform to students with different skills. Programmes also focus on themes that are value based hence while they are entertaining they are also informative and enriching.

At Westwood no effort is spared to prepare students for lifelong success and personal fulfillment. We are confident, that considering our aim and objectives, as well as our strengths, we are able to contribute our very best, to our students and to the society at large.

Bindi Thomas